Retail growth in Indonesia is increasingly modern, supported by stronger consumer purchasing power, making consumers willing to pay more for high quality products and a comfortable atmosphere. Those makes Mall developers in Bandung compete to establish Shopping malls. But not a little failure occurred at Shopping malls that have modern concepts on attributes Mall. Cihampelas Walk and Paris Van Java offer a different concept by bringing the locality concept to the mall, it will certainly affect the shopping value of consumer. This study aims to see how the influence of locality concept at the shopping mall Cihampelas Walk and Paris Van Java on the value of hedonic and utilitarian shopping consumers in Bandung. This research use qualitative method through observation and interview in collecting the data. The results showed that the locality conceptĀ  at Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall and Paris Van Java will affect the value of hedonic shopping and make it the main shopping choice of consumers, because it has a local identity from Bandung.The locality concept in CiWalk and Paris Van Java has become a sustainability concept of shopping mall in Bandung.