Television which formerly had been found up to now still have the same role and function of the media as a means of disseminating information and entertainment in the entire community . But television is not enough to do the role , because we need a tool , the tool that is made from materials antena.Antena microstrip , the method used is pencatu channel technique . Materials used are epoxy FR4 with a dielectric constant of 4.6 , thickness 1.6 . Patch size is 210 mm wide , 130 mm long patch , channel width 14 mm and 70 mm long channel . Overall antenna size is 515 mm wide and 300 mm long . After the simulation and measurement , this antenna has omnidirectional radiation pattern , obtained 7.10 dBi gain , VSWR obtained 1.07 and 200 MHz bandwidth . Judging from the results obtained then all initial design specifications have been met . At the trial in Tasikmalaya , the results obtained are different , it is because the received power level is different in each antenna location , this is caused by the distance between the transmitter station with local televisionTasikmalaya