The high numbers of crime especially theft, becomes the background of the high production of safety box which is capable of providing effective security. The design of safety box in this final task is the development from previously existing safety box that is “SECURITY DESIGN OF SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX BASED ONMICROCONTROLLER AT89S52” that made by Ivan C. Melalolin. Where development is done by adding image camera facilities which is useful for monitoring the safety box as well as the addition of facilities for knowing the quantity of the active period contained on the SIMCard GSM Module.This safety box is useful as a depository for goods valuables. Where that became the center of control and data processor is a microcontroller AVR ATMega 32 Integrated Circuit (IC). The GSM Module is used as the media liaison for sending short message (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS) to the owner that serves to provide information safety box condition. Safety box accessed by the use of passwords that can be changed by the owner, equipped with keypads and displays as information giver emphasis keypad, human movement detection sensor, magnetic switch, solenoid which functions as the lock doors (doorlock) and equipped withan electrical circuit shock.