This paper describes the results of the design and implementation of the water flow distribution and monitoring water temperature using android smartphone. Water distribution is done by control the valve at some point output. Water temperature monitoring conducted at area shelters that are in containers on each output point. Controlling and monitoring is done remotely using android smartphones. Control and monitoring system that are built using the interface AVR microcontroller ATmega128A and ATmega8535 with system configuration of master-slave. Actuator or driver for valve using servomotor. While sensing the water temperature using LM35 sensor. For the needs of wireless transmission using WiFi module (WizFi220) which serves to bridge between android smartphone and AVR module. On the module side of the AVR to the point of control and monitoring, used transmission longdistance-RS485 serial communication between master and slave microcontroller. The control of water valve and water temperature monitoring is done using the application on android smartphones. For setpoint valve were made in the range 0° to 90° and the water temperature reading are in the range 0 °C to 100 °C, the number of valves and sensors are used each two units. The test results have produced a system that can control water valve corresponding to the setpoint. Water temperature monitoring successfully performed with the value of the temperature reading at each container that can be displayed on a smartphone