UNIKOM is a relatively new private university, yet has a myriad of achievements in the world of science and technology both nationally and internationally. In the province of West Java itself UNIKOM has ranked 11th and ranked 54th nationally in 2020 version 4ICU. UNIKOM opened 28 courses in both Diploma 3 (D3), Strata 1 (S2), and Strata 2 (S2). The number of student applicants continues to increase every year, but after the last 2 years decreased. The New Student Admissions Implementation Team (PMB) must have a strategy in improving the purchase decision, including Direct Marketing. This research aims to obtain findings about Direct Marketing (Direct Mail and Telemarketing), Purchase Decision and influence between the two at UNIKOM. This type of research is descriptive and verificattive method. With a sample number of 30 respondents with sampling techniques. The data analysis technique used is double regression analysis. The independent variables in the study were Direct Mail (X1) and Telemarketing (X2) while dependent variables were Purchase Decision (Y). The results showed that respondents about Direct marketing were generally considered high. Based on the SPSS 22 test, the biggest influence on Telemarketing while Direct Mail had the lowest rating. And it shows a correlation between Direct Mail and Telemarketing partially and simultaneously against purchase decisions.

Key Words : Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Direct Marketing,  Purchase Decision