Peer Review Policy and Procedure

We are committed to prompt evaluation and publication of fully accepted articles in Jurnal Teknologi dan Informasi (JATI) (p-ISSN: 2088-2270, e-ISSN: 2655-6839). To maintain a high-quality publication, all submissions undergo a rigorous review process.

It starts with an article evaluation consisting of 2 stages of review, namely pre-review and substance review. The article pre-review is conducted by the editorial team to review the suitability of the article with the focus and scope of the journal and journal templates relating to journal writing guidelines. Articles outside the scope and or template of the journal will not be considered for further review. Then there will be a plagiarism check carried out using Turnitin software. This states that we do not tolerate plagiarism. The duration of the pre-review is between 1-2 weeks.

Furthermore, it goes on to substance review. Where the editorial board will determine the reviewer of an article. Both the editorial board and the reviewer involved in the substance review must reveal that there is no conflict of interest that impedes objective evaluation. Substantial double-blind reviews are conducted by a reviewer. Neither the reviewer nor the writer's identity will be revealed to each other. This is done to prevent biased judgments. The editorial board has the option to request a review after the author has revised the article and that will be notified to the author. For the review of the substance carried out within 1-4 weeks duration.

The decision on whether the article can be published is authorized by the editor in chief by considering the recommendation of the reviewer. Articles that have been received and adjusted for the layout will be published in Future Issue before the Current Issue is published according to the schedule so that it can subsequently be used to be indexed and cited as soon as possible.

It should be emphasized to the author that if the author wants to retract the article that has entered the review stage (pre-review and substance review) then the author will be subject to a penalty that can be read on the Fee#Penalty page.