Author Guideline

  1. Manuscript Criteria
    • Article never been published or in editing process on other journals.
    • Submitted articles could be original research articles or technical notes.
    • Submitted articles in MS Word (.docx).
  2. Manuscript Typing
    • Article been typed with 1 line spacing on an A4 paper size (21 cm x 29,7 cm), top-left margin are 3 cm and bottom-right margin are 2.5 cm, and Times New Roman’s font type.
    • Article should be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English (different journal template). If written in Bahasa Indonesia, author must be write Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia and English. If written in English, author only write Abstract in English (See Journal Template in Bahasa Indonesia or English).
    • Minimum page number for each article is 8 pages and maximum page number is 12 pages.
  3. Manuscript format
    • The organization of submitted article consists of Title, Abstract, Keyword, Introduction, Literatur Review, Research Methods, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment, and References. Other chapter’s titles should represent the content of the chapter.
    • Abstract should contain logical argumentation of the research taken, problem solving methodology, research’s results, and a brief conclusion.
    • Index terms should be written in one line, with 3 to 5 words count.
    • Introduction should contain the research’s background and purposes.
    • Literature Review presents theories that are of high relevance to the research conducted.
    • The Research Method contains the analysis method, time, and place of research.
    • Results and Discussion explains the results found, the principle of the relationship that is reflected, the exceptions, and the possibility of development.
    • Conclusion should explicitly describes the research’s results been taken. Future works or suggestion can be added after it.
    • Acknowledgment, if available, could be placed after Conclusion.
    • All citations in the article should be written on References consecutively based on its’ appearance order in the article. The typing format will be the same with IEEE journals and transaction format.
    • Manuscript template already been shown on the sidebar. Authors can also ask for it by contacting the editorial email.
  4. Manuscript Template
    • The manuscript must be prepared in accordance with the author's guidelines according to the journal template.
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