The creative industry that focuses on the creation of goods and services by relying on talent, expertise and creativity as intellectual property is the hope for the Indonesian economy, expertise and skills become a very influential central point in this industry. Observations were made at Ira Silver Craft SME which is one of the silver craftsmen SME, where silver is the mainstay of Yogyakarta handicraft industry, the purpose of this study was to measure the level of reliability of workers in the production process of filigree silver ornaments which is one of the silver handicraft products with the complexity of workmanship. and a high risk of human error, knowing the errors that exist in the entire production process, and their causes. This research was conducted using the SPAR-H method. Data from observations showed that the greatest HEP value was found in smelting activities, with a probability of occurrence of 41.78%. In the silver handicraft industry of Kotagede Yogyakarta, there are a total of 10 errors in the final product, the error with the largest probability is a lack of filigree fiber with a probability of 86.84%. Data from observations revealed that work procedures are one of the most significant factors contributing to the occurrence of human error, so Standard Operating Procedures documents are needed to detail all existing work procedures.