Anna karenina is Russian novel was written by Leo Tolstoy. This novel tells about Anna Karenina’s life as a main character that her marriage unsuccessfully, and she choose to leave her husband and her son for another man . An affair, jealously, and religion has told in this novel, it is both a destructive and a productive force in the novel, and is understood inside and outside the context of marriage. In addition, the method in this study is used analyctic descriptive which used reader response by Rossenblat (1938). As through this approach, Anna Karenina has a big responsibility of their family. However, in this novel,  marriage is portrayed with all of its faults and problems, from jealousy to lack of passion to abandonment. As a reader, the writer seen that this novel shows a few thing of marriage in ninetenth century that related into a marriage in twenty century in Indonesia. Yet, has a differences in geographic and culture. This case, directly gives the researcher interrelated into feminism’s idea of a women freedom in her marriage.