@is The Best [Accounting Information System & Information Technology Business Enterprise] 2019-03-28T11:08:13+07:00 Supriyati Open Journal Systems <table> <tbody> <tr> <td style="padding: 5px 10px 10px 0;" valign="top" align="left"><img src="/public/site/images/supriyati/cover_new.png"></td> <td style="font-size: .8em;" valign="top"> <p style="margin-bottom: 5px;"><strong>@is The Best</strong></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 5px;"><strong>[Accounting Information System &amp; Information Technology Business Enterprise].</strong></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 5px;">Jurnal Riset Prodi Komputerisasi Akuntansi Fakultas Teknik Dan Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Komputer Indonesia, yang didirikan pada bulan April 2012.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 5px;">Bergerak dibidang publikasi hasil riset ilmiah dari perpaduan berbagai disiplin ilmu, yaitu: Sistem Informasi Akuntansi, Komputerisasi Akuntansi, Sistem Informasi Bisnis, Sistem Informasi Keuangan, Sistem Informasi Pajak, Sistem Pemeriksaan Akuntansi, IT Business Enterprise dan Teknologi Informasi Komunikasi untuk berbagai disiplin ilmu yang berkaitan dengan Komputerisasi Akuntansi.</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p style="font-size: .8em;">@ is The Best&nbsp;[Accounting Information System &amp; Information Technology Business Enterprise] <strong>Jurnal Riset Komputerisasi Akuntansi&nbsp;</strong>indexed by:</p> <p><strong><a href="[]=repoId:IOS6833" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="/public/site/images/supriyati/onesearch.png"></a><a title="aisthebest" href=";user=AlxfezIAAAAJ&amp;view_op=list_works&amp;gmla=AJsN-F5ep6_25qoyiu8khW6tdI1HWmUKFvKtT4hEEFJDNW3q6FRDzuYgpSf1_IbDYovvIuntW3J-a4NJUEH9yxW786yEpKlywQ" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="/public/site/images/supriyati/googlescholar1.png"></a><img src="/public/site/images/supriyati/crossref-logo-landscape-200.png"></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Model Perancangan Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Budidaya Perikanan Berbasis SAK EMKM dan Android 2019-03-14T17:23:53+07:00 S Supriyati Dicky Muhamad Rizky <p>The times when this is so rapid that we should always follow developments there. Moreover many systems of information circulating out there. But still many employers who have both information system for help in the recording in the operations. With these researchers are trying to make an information system based on android in the field of fisheries that will help entrepreneurs in the future. The research design was used in the survey is the design. This type of research is used in is basic research. This type of data is used in applicable data kualiatif. Types of research designs used in this research is descriptive-analistis. This research method used in survey methods, methods apply descriptive and exploratory methods. This data gathering techniques used in is observation and interview techniques. Model of development of the system that is used in is a waterfall. Development tools used in this system is to use the BPMN and diagrams use cases. This application is expected can help to manage every recording transactions that occurred in the business activities oprasional could make the books of financial something with the standards SAK EMKM.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pemodelan Binis Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi Pada Lembaga Keuangan Berbasis Urun Dana 2019-03-14T16:40:13+07:00 Rio Yunanto <p>Various types of financial institutions, especially for the non bank must be handle carefully because it has the role of strategic in economic development a country. Financial institutions, with the support system of information technology is often abbreviated STI the potential to be growing up fast and able to provide communications access to the remote areas in Indonesia. Crowdfunding is a phenomenon fundrasing that has the potential is huge if managed well. Financial institutions are based on crowdfunding now rely on STI as the backbone of operational technical. Internet make it easier for information a fundraiser across the massive and broad. Its able to give persuasive quickly to anyone and anytime. STI is also able to provide support assistance and supervision of the clients or business enteties received funding. Various parties can be involved in assistance the process of funding so that activities crowdfunding become more transparent and more accountable. Modeling business STI in financial institutions based crowdfunding to be very strategic considering the role of STI a very dominant. Modeling is expected to encourage the use of STI the maximum to support the role of financial institutions based on crowdfunding as one of the economy a country.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Akuntansi HPP Berdasarkan Pesanan Pada Usaha Industri Rumahan Manufaktur 2019-03-14T16:44:12+07:00 Widy Firdha Lestari Apriani Puti Purfini <p>The purpose of this research to engineering information system accounting HPP on order for cottage industries and the organizational structure. This study using method of development information system the iteration with structured. The results of research in the form of application cost of good sold in accordance with standard and the proposed organizational structure.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Rancangan Bangun Aplikasi Pembelajaran dengan Memanfaatkan Chatbot API Dialogflow dan Moodle Berbasis Android Pada SMA IT ALIA Tangerang 2019-03-14T16:48:12+07:00 Erick Wijaya Peby Pebriantara <p>Some of the problems in SMA IT Alia are currently the students having trouble if you have to get materials easily and quickly when students were out of school hours as well as students having trouble if you have to understand about materials when students permission did not go to school. It is hoped that this application can make it easier for students in getting information a course in the form of Chatbot, and allow teachers to get into the class of digital to access and upload the subject matter Moodle. Through technology Chatbot, in SMA IT Alia are currently students are expected to be questions and answer about understanding the subject matter. Chatbot can interpret the message given by the user, the process, the message, the excute what needs to chatbot do based on orders from users, and the outcome of the execution of programs are provided to users [1]. Based on the results of tests carried out, then it can be concluded that the construction of this application will results in application of learning to chatbot is based on android. Its is hoped that the construction of the application of learning to chatbot, the students in SMA IT Alia the city of Tangerang will facilitate in the activities of the study.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Estimasi Waktu Penyelesaian Proyek Perangkat Lunak Menggunakan Metode PERT 2019-03-14T16:51:31+07:00 Gentisya Tri Mardiani <p>Planning the schedule on the construction project software in general is based on experience from a previous project, so that in determining the duration of work using only one of the estimate, or the duration for every job has been set directly by the Project Manager or Project Team in the company. This resulted in when the construction project, when there was the problem of lack of progress, Project Manager of not knowing the possibility of whether the project can continue to run as planned or not. In addition, the determination of one of the estimate for the duration of work not suitable with the characteristics of the software, because in the construction project software there is still uncertainty in the time the completion of projects. The weakness in the use of the value of the estimated duration of is when there are problems that can not be predicted with certainty the length of it, resulting in the duration of work has been set for later employment should be set back, causing projects to be too late. Based on the problem needed an analysis to determine the probability of the completion of projects using the method of program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), this method employs three estimates of the duration of the duration of optimistic, the duration of the most likely and the duration of the pessimistic. It is expected to know the time the completion of projects, Project Manager can do the planning of the scheduling of the project. The result of this study shows that the probabilities of the completion of projects can be counted when Project Manager already know the duration of the critical of the schedule the construction project.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Prototype Sistem Informasi Manajemen Potensi Desa Palasari Kecamatan Ujungjaya Kabupaten Sumedang Berbasis Website 2019-03-14T16:56:27+07:00 Dony Waluya Firdaus <p>The information management is a bridge for the Government of the village in order to bring transparency and the use of the budget that has already absorbed. The prototype system management information the potential of rural palasari the district ujungjaya sumedang district based on the website using the primary and secondary stages in prototype is on the need, the process of design, building prototypes, evaluation and improvement.</p> 2018-12-31T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##